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Northumbrian Medical Supplies is a leading online supplier to Health Professionals in the North East of England
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Pharmaceutical Policy

Supplies of Pharmaceutical products including Prescription Only Medicines

These items are only supplied to duly authorised medical professionals who are holders of a credit account with ourselves and who have provided full details of their professional status which has been verified with the appropriate statutory register. We are only able to supply items appropriate to the formulary applicable to their given profession.

Returns of Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical products are not normally accepted for return except in the following circumstances:

  1. To correct an error in delivery or ordering
  2. Where a product or batch recall has been instigated by a manufacturer
  3. In the event that products or packages are alleged to be faulty
1. Returns correcting an error in delivery or ordering
  1. We must be notified of the error and the goods returned within three working days of receipt
  2. The goods must be returned with a document quoting:
  3. The goods must be in perfect original condition without marking and with no evidence of having been tampered with.
  4. If the above conditions are not met goods will not usually be eligible for return.
2. Returns originated by a manufacturer due to a product or batch recall
  1. The terms for such returns are dictated by the product licence holder and goods will only be accepted subject to the instructions appertaining to the specific recall.
  2. Any goods returned should be accompanied by a document indicating who has returned the item, the quantity and the batch number and expiry date of the goods
  3. Credit will only be issued when authorised by the Manufacturer/Licence Holder concerned.
3. Items returned when a product or package is alleged to be faulty
  1. Please notify us immediately upon finding the problem so that the information can be made available to the manufacturer
  2. If damaged, goods are to be packaged safely to prevent any spillage or harm
  3. The goods should be returned with a document indicating who has returned the item, the quantity and the batch number and expiry date of the goods. This document should include the invoice reference and the nature of the problem.
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