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Sempercare Medium Nitrile Skin 2 Examination Gloves (10 x 100)

Sempercare Nitrile Skin2 Gloves
Sempercare® nitrile skin² Examination gloves are latex free, non sterile, powder-free.
These  gloves are powder-free and do not contain any natural latex proteins. This makes it ideal for people with type I allergy who do not want to miss the comfort of latex.

The Sempercare® Nitrile Skin2 is both labelled as medical device (class 1) and  single-use protective glove (PPE category III). Thereby it can be used for additional applications such as laboratory/pharma, food/catering, professional cleaning/ ygiene.

The lavender blue colour makes it easy to distinguish from natural latex gloves and allows for easy recognition.
PROTECTION FROM INFECTIONS – virus-proof for users and patients1)
EXCELLENT SENSE OF TOUCH – through optimised wall thickness
HIGH WEARING COMFORT – through the innovative, soft material
Product Specifications:
Material: nitrile-butadiene-rubber (NBR)
Type:     powder free, unsterile
Colour:   lavender-blue
Glove shape:   flat with rolled rim
Surface:   smooth, finger textured
Length:   according to EN 455-2 median 240 mm
Wall thickness(double)in palm area median 0,14 mm
Impermeability as per EN 455-1
AQL 1.5
Force at break as per EN 455-1
Force at break production value (as of 03/2016)   ≥ 6 N   median 7N
Durability  in original packaging if stored as per DIN 7716, ISO 2230
Option Code Price
10 x 100 Nitrile Medium Gloves 826798045/10 £29.50 + VAT
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